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Private Sewage Disposal Systems
The Private Sewage Disposal Program regulates methods of sewage disposal from facilities and homes that are not served by public sewer systems.
By ensuring that all sewage is discharged to a properly designed and operated waste facility, the Private Sewage Disposal Program helps eliminate transmission of disease, disease organisms and nuisances.
BEFORE constructing or repairing a Private Sewage System in St. Clair County, a permit must be obtained from our office. A Private Sewage Disposal System MUST be installed by a Licensed State of Illinois Contractor and Licensed St. Clair County Private Sewage Disposal Contractor OR a homeowner. There is a $300.00 fee required at time of application submission.  A list of Licensed Contractors and Permit Application are available to the right of this information under links.
All applications are reviewed and often on-site consultations are conducted to verify the design of the system meets all current IL Department of Public Health Private Sewage Licensing Act & Code and St. Clair County Private Sewage Disposal Ordinance requirements.
As of February 10, 2014 ALL Private Sewage Disposal System Applications MUST be signed by the contractor and homeowner per the USEPA rule changes with NPDES Permits. Property owners are responsible for reviewing and understanding all portions of their permit application. All portions must be completed before permits are issued by St. Clair County Health Department. To review the NPDES permit OR NPDES Frequently Asked Questions please refer to the link at the right.
Staff conducts property transfer, or “homeloan” inspections for a fee of $300.00. Application for a Homeloan Inspection is available to the right of this information under links.
All manufacturers and dealers of septic tanks and aerobic treatment units must be registered at the St. Clair County Health Department, as well as with the IL Department of Public Health.
Anonymous complaints may be filed with our department regarding possible failing private sewage disposal systems. Please be prepared to provide information such as; property address, directions, specific concerns and/or other information as requested. All complaints received are inspected for verification that the system is in violation of the IL Department of Public Health Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act & Code and/or the St. Clair County Private Sewage Disposal Ordinance.
ALL subdivisions in the County to be served by Private Sewage Disposal Systems MUST be reviewed by our office for approval, as well as submit a Subdivision Application with appropriate fee. Please refer to the Subdivision Application under links on the right side.
For additional questions, please contact our office:
Monday through Friday; 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
St. Clair County Health Department
19 Public Square, Ste 150
Belleville IL 62220-1624
Fax: 618-236-0676