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Food Safety
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St. Clair County Health Department's Food Service Sanitation Program is designed to protect public health through compliance with the St. Clair County Retail Food Establishment Code and the
Illinois Department of Public Health Food Sanitation Code to ensure safe food handling, preparation and service through routine inspections and education.  The program uses educational tools, investigations and public news releases to create an awareness of problems associated with improper food handling and poor personal hygiene.
St. Clair County Health Department has a jurisdiction for all food establishments located within 18 townships. The following townships in St. Clair County fall under the jurisdiction of East Side Health District for Food Safety: Canteen Township, Centreville Township, East St. Louis Township and Stites Township. For concerns within those 4 townships, contact East Side Health District at 618-271-8722.
What does an Inspector and Sanitarian with the Environmental Health Division do in regards to food safety within the County?
·         Conduct routine sanitary inspections 2 to 3 times a year on all food establishments within our jurisdiction (i.e. restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, bakeries, schools, taverns, etc).
·         Investigate complaints from concerned residents or patrons of food establishments. The complaint may be from a suspected foodborne illness or concerns about sanitary conditions of a facility.
·         Provide educational in-service programs for facilities and the general public.   The in-services focus on proper hand washing and food safety.
·         Conduct plan reviews of blueprints for proposed new food establishments to verify compliance with all codes and ordinances as they relate to food safety.
·         Conduct opening inspections of all new food service facilities before operating in St. Clair County.
·         Provide educational information to the public and food service establishments through a variety of brochures. Please contact our office at (618) 233-7769 for educational brochures for events and meetings. The educational information is provided to create an awareness of problems associated with improper food handling and poor personal hygiene.  
·         Submit news releases, using media outlets, website and Facebook, on a regular basis to focus on proper hand washing, safe food handling during the holidays, summer food safety and numerous other topics.
·         Post food recalls that affect residents of St. Clair County on website, Facebook and twitter. Contact food facilities as necessary in regards to food recalls.
·         Post all food facility inspection scores on website on a quarterly basis.
There are several links to the left for food service permits, Certified Food Manager guidelines, facility scores, recalls and more for your information.
For more information, please contact the Environmental Health Division, Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. at (618) 233-7769 or via email at