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NOTE:  Establishments with a score of '0' are new; they have passed an 'opening' inspection, but have not had their first 'scored' inspection

 (Please be advised that these inspections indicate conditions at the facilities at the time of inspection and may not represent current conditions. )



Inspections of establishments are based on a 100-point scale. All items do not have the same weight. Critical Violations are weighted 4 and 5 points, while other violations are weighted 1 and 2 points. Critical items must be corrected immediately or a re-inspection will be conducted to insure the correction has been completed. Items that are corrected at the time of inspection are not reflected in the score listed on this web page. Records of Food Service Sanitation Inspections are public records in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act and are available for review upon written request to our department.

All establishments are assigned a level of risk:

Category 1 establishments do complex preparation of potentially hazardous foods. Potentially hazardous foods are foods that can easily support the rapid growth of bacteria that could cause disease, or foodborne illness. Category 1 establishments are inspected three times per year.

Category 2 establishments have more limited preparation of commercially frozen or pre-prepared items. Category 2 establishments are inspected two times per year.

Category 3 establishments have no preparation of potentially hazardous foods and only commercially packaged or prepared foods are served. Category 3 establishments are inspected two times per year.